WiLL© is a vision that has already become a reality.

Is self-determination through work possible in this society?

Can anyone really claim to have succeeded in this?


But Life is the Work we have to do to understand it.
Life and Work are the same: the means and the end.

And you can never work on yourself: you always have to

work on something or someone else, someone who is not us.

That, in summary, is the problem (or challenge, if you prefer) 
of our contemporary age.

This is the core business of WiLL©.

About us

working the life

at Ethical Counter-Evolution Age

“WiLL© is a Permanent Laboratory focusing on the most important issue of our time: the relationship between Life and Work.

We are too advanced in our evolutionary development not to consider self-determination of the individual within an evolved, responsible civilization at the heart of public and private debate.

But it is still too early for this to happen.

WiLL© aims to apply reflective Research to make a significant contribution to shifting the axis of human endeavor towards a culture of Life and Work oriented towards the generative depths of meaning, and away from the compulsive surface of surplus value, within the mesh of social and organizational structures. It does so with all stakeholders, whether they be national, international, public, private, individuals or groups or, of course, companies and professionals”.

Cesare Grisi, PhD,
Founder & Director

Theoretical Branch

Research & Development
Work-Life Balance
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Practical-Application Branch

Human Resources

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Critical reflections

Il presente sospeso dell’uomo sincronico: la globalizzazione e la crisi identitaria

Il presente sospeso dell’uomo sincronico: la globalizzazione e la crisi identitaria

Chi è l’uomo sincronico? Perché si chiama sincronico? Perché è nominato superuomo mentre diviene marionetta etero-diretta? Chi è davvero l’uomo contemporaneo?
La bellissima e inquietante immagine intitolata “Glass” di #FabioZonta anticipa con una stimolazione emozionale già macchiata di intuizioni cognitive il ragionamento che il saggio di Cesare Grisi cerca di sviluppare.



After one year from the first draft, the author, due to the present global dangerous situation, comes back to this essay to underline the links between the humanitarian crisis of the present and the political problem of the recent past.

Soft Skills: a close link between business and Ethics

Soft Skills: a close link between business and Ethics

International Workshop Bertinoro. 18 – 19 November 2015. Adria – Hub.
“Soft Skills” and their role in employability. New perspectives in teaching, assessment and certification. Session 5: The importance and development of Soft Skills in businesses